Aug 25, 2009


the LOS PLATANOS / VENEREANS split 7" (SUPERFLUOUS RECS. # 007) has been released this week. a lot of people might think that this release doesn't quite fit in the superfluous family, but we can assure you that these bands fit perfectly!!! ivan (singer of los platanos) and jonathan (singer of venereans) are not only long-time friends of ours but dedicated punx, incredible musicians and some true diy monsters (they got a zine, a label, a online-mag and two or three bands each). so when they approached us with the idea of doing this split we were instantaneously interested but lacking the financial ressources. eventually, a small label from spain called THRON-U-SOUND RECORDS joined in to finance half of the pressing and that was that. please read on for more details on the record and the bands...

300 copies in total. 50 copies on yellow vinyl and another 50 on transparent vinyl. the cover is the same for all records. all copies will be hand-numbered.

LOS PLATANOS: alicante, spain is the place; garage punkrock the genre. two exclusive tracks (not even 01:30 in length) of energetic punk with a high-pitched voice and spanish lyrics. band members are/were active in EL EJE DEL MÄL, BLASPHEMIA ANAL, PROVISIONAL ROCK UNIT and others. they got another 7" on the way and some plans for touring. I think they even recorded a full length recently.

VENEREANS: let's start with some names: LE JONATHAN REILLY, SALCHICHA, THE CAR CRASH SLEEP etc. -- that's some of the members' former bands. like their split partners, this valencia (spain) based outfit offers us two short and fresh punk tunes but with a little more surf influences here and there. their LP is scheduled for the end of this year on TIC TAC TOTALLY and DISCOS HUMEANTES.


Ich kann mich noch dunkel an diesen Klassenfahrt-Sommer an der spanischen Ostküste erinnern, der nicht zuletzt wegen des seinerzeit grassierenden Eurotrash-Hypes zu den kulturellen Tiefpunkten meines noch jungen Lebens zählte. Aber selbst schuld. Man hätte sich ja auch ein bisschen Mühe geben und statt des touristischen Gröl- und Kotz-Milieus die ansässige Garage- und Surfpunkszene erkunden können, die dann Jahre später solche Bands wie diese hier formen sollte.

REVIEW IN OX # 87, Dezember 09/Januar 10

7" | superfluous |
Zwei spanische Bands aus dem Garage/Punk-Bereich: LOS PLATANOS gehen dabei eher abgeschmackt-rotzig zu Werke, während die VENEREANS leichte Surf-Anleihen in den rumpeligen Sound einflechten. Zwei Songs pro Band, durchsichtiges, marmoriertes Vinyl.
Konstantin Hanke


Los Platanos are an Alicante punk band, here offering two short tracks of tuneful garage at hardcore speeds, with slightly blown-out production. The guitars are nice and treble-scratchy, and the impassioned/screamed vocals sound like they're coming from a transistor-radio inside a concrete mixer or similar slowly rotating metal receptacle. The first tune is slightly more poppy - coming across as a more up-to-date Gorilla Angreb with male vox. The second cut is rougher in approach, with some good response shouts. Kudos to the bass player for a convincing performance throughout. For my ears this could have been a little more blown-out and 10-15% faster - but these tracks are both sick. The thanks to communism and drugs in the insert makes me wish I could understand the Spanish lyrics.

Venereans from Valencia were a real treat; mid-paced, surf damaged punk with the ocassional reverb flourish. "Terminal Beach" kicks off with a bassline that reminded me of Klaus Flouride, with some nice Beefheartian dissonant guitar, then into a mashed potato chorus. The whole time there's a nice production touch of a reverby instructive shout in the background. The second track is more of the similar, but straighter and with another killer chorus. Some blurb I found on the net mentioned that the Venereans can't decide whether they want to be Dead Kennedys or the Kinks, but I'd change that Kinks for "Safe as Milk" Beefheart, and then add a touch of Angry Samoans for the speed and production values. They have an LP on Tic Tac Totally - which you can download in its entirety from - and which contains both these cuts.

There are 300 clear copies of this split, and it's a split release between German label Superfluous and Spanish label Tron-U-Sound.

REVIEW IN Maximum Rock and Roll #323


Two bands from Spain puke up somre really cool early-style punk tunes. I can´t say I like one more than the other; they are both really cool. If you are searching out some snotty ass punk ´n´roll , then check this shit out. Great party punk, so have your local punk DJ search this out.

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