Jun 24, 2011

DOMINIC s/t 7" finally out!!!

once again thanx to apocaplexy records for busting their asses off and getting this record done despite myriad of problems (original release plans [a split LP with traktor] being skipped, pressing plant fuck-ups, huge mail fuck-ups, not enough covers etc.). anyways, this is superfluous records # 10 and a another fine colabo with apocaplexy recs., not another record label and great northern records.

here you can listen to "skin deep" from the side A of this record:

this beautiful piece of plastic features two brand new Dominic tracks -- without doubt one of the finest scandinavian screamo outfits -- and is definitely your thang when you like JR Ewing, Traktor, Rumble In Rhodos & Catena Collapse. the nice folks from collective zine once wrote that dominic "is probably too melodic to be screamo, too screamy to be emo, but probably somewhere near post-hardcore or something like that." while this won't win the Pulitzer Price, it's a pretty accurate description ...

there's 500 copies in total, all on solid black vinyl and packed in a full colour cover. in the superfluous shop we offer 15 copies that come with a silks
creened patch (those were supposed to be the pre-order versions). if you want one of these beauties, hurry up >>>>> http://superfluousrecords.limitedpressing.com

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