Jun 9, 2009

DON QUICHOTE -- six song 10 inch

this record was originally released in autumn 1996 on Heartfelt Music, a label that some superfluous people were involved in back then. some weeks ago we found some copies in the basement without jacket, so we decided to make new sleeves with a different artwork... and here we go: there are 5 different cover versions and overall there's like a 100 copies left. so be fast or be sorry.

-- music wise it's powerful/intense german mid 90's EMOCORE in the same vein of AGE / HEROIN / MEREL / ANASARCA and other Ebullition/Gravity/Repercussion stuff.

-- here is a review from HEARTATTACK Fanzine (Issue #14, June 1997):

"this people have struck the nerve of emo-hardcore's official sound. Don Quichote features a lot of epic swinging melodies that AGE first began playing so well. the lyrics are all in german so i can't say much about them, but the live pictures make Don Quichote look like a good live act"

REVIEW -- Don Quichote 10" on
http://thatspunk.linustorvaldsfacts.com [sept. 2009]

everyone seems to be intrigued by '90s emo. whether it's the harmonic Cap'n Jazz style of emo displayed by e.g. Bells on Trike posted below, or whether it's this more noisy attempts inspired by Heroin and so on - like Don Quichote demonstrates on this self titled 10" from '97. they are kind of like Age and Assay meets 125, Rue Montmartre and Cerulean. it's Ebullition meets Gravity. it's '90s emo/hardcore. really intense, like I.Witness that are on this blog as well. Don Quichote's voals remind me of Evergreen and The Pine. it's slightly nasal and very emotional. their intense guitars also sound a bit like - you've guessed it - Evergreen and The Pine. heavily distorted angsty harmonies with nervous twinkling in between them. add mellow and dynamic bass lines that while being in the background still somehow manage to stand out and steal focus to the mix and you're set. the bassist does a splendid job at adding a melodic and soft touch while not being an attention-whore. the bass basically makes you close your eyes and be mesmerised by the beautiful harmonies. finally I must address the very competent drummer that has no qualms about constantly revolutionising the tempo as well as the overall feel of the songs. it's full on. these things are utterly amazing by themselves, but put them together and you have a holy symbiosis of magic that is untouchable. nothing comes close to sounding like this band. this 10" is a unique experience that everyone should go through. you need to download this. and afterwards you need to buy it while you still can at:

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