Nov 18, 2009


yes! so good to work with people who got their shit together... we collaborated again with APOCAPLEXY RECORDS and with NOT ANOTHER RECORD LABEL from Norway to release the TRAKTOR -- "lights" LP as SUPERFLUOUS RECS. # 8. it's a vinyl re-release of their 2006 album. actually, we had very little input in the whole thing as everything was so perfectly handled by maik from apocaplexy and the band.

the record: only 330 copies in total: 100 clear black, 130 clear pink, 100 clear. we got only a few copies of all color varitations...

the music: TRAKTOR “Lights” LP -- caution! we stole the following text from as it describes this record way better than we ever could: The soundtrack for the wedding party of anger & gloom. Traktor from Sweden, which are not only highly considered in circles of connoisseurs because of their extraordinary live qualities, perfect their grim chaos-core on their first full length, entitled "Lights". The typical Traktor sound from the early days with indigestive breaks and dissonant guitar riffs in the vein of famous San Diego bands like Drive Like Jehu or Swing Kids is getting enobled with dark & calm passages. Although the album was mastered in the much sought-after Tonteknik-Studio in Umeå, the regulary comparisons to Refused or early JR Ewing are less present, then genre bulks like Lack or Breach. Lights is an album designed for a cheerless winter, post-hardcore between aggression & depression.

the deal: the record is 9 € plus postage. please get in touch if you are interested:

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