Oct 16, 2009


so there's no big story behind this record... I know the guys in EL EJE DEL MÄL for quite some time now because I played for a couple of months in what was the original line-up of this band and when guille asked me to join this project I didn't have to think twice. as for HEADS AND HEADS... they are just an incredible band and we are very happy to have the chance to release some of their material on this record.

-- OUT: OCTOBER 2009
-- only 300 copies made. all black vinyl.
-- HEADS AND HEADS are from barcelona, catalunya and play what I would call an energetic bastard of 90ies ebullition screamo and y2k-indie-emo-with-nice-melodies (read: yage, envy etc.). EL EJE DEL MÄL is a four piece from alacant that opts for a similiar approach but they are rawer, have a more dischordant guitar work and are altogether a little more pissed than most of the bands in this genre nowadays (read: end of the line, heroin, izarea). all lyrics in castellano.
-- we got like 56 copies and I guess these will be gone rather quick. split label release with dance tonite, hombre bueno, el club silencio.

REVIEW IN http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/ (28th November 2009)

Reviewed by Oli Saunders
Here is a new split from two pretty awesome Spanish chaotic emo bands. For me El Eje Del Mäl have improved greatly as time has progressed; their songs on a four way split in 2005 were pretty poor. Things got much better in 2007 when they released a 7'', that whilst not being spectacular is really solid. Now they have some new songs and things have improved further still. They've found their own sound which, whilst still fitting in with a lot of euro skramz bands from the past years, is sufficiently different to warrant attention. The vocals stand out reasonably well from other bands and the guitars are not complete octave chord rip offs - they've got a really nice jangly messy vibe. And I have to say, on this recording the sound is raw as fuck. Someone on Collective was looking for screamo that sounded like it had been recorded by angry spiders in a bin. Well this fits the bill pretty well. Two songs of fairly high intensity and craziness, with lyrics in Spanish that I can't understand. If these things sound appealing then check this out. I should admit at this point that I am going to help release two other songs by the band fairly soon (hopefully). This is not to try and promote this in any way but to accept this slight bias in what I have written about them.

Heads And Heads play on the other side. They released a one sided 12'' not too long back which is really great and continue in similar style here. In fact the first track on here is off the 12'' I think - not sure why they did that. It does sound rawer than the other version at least - plus it is pretty damn good so to hear it again is not a bad thing. The second track is new and is pretty special too. I really rate this band, they are not simply euro screamo - I would say they lie in between other Spanish screamo bands like El Eje Del Mäl and Enoch Ardon, and the bands replicating 90s emo somewhat such as Ciudad Del Cabo and Ulises Lima. Heads And Heads and Costacurta seem to tred this region of emo and both are pretty phenomenal in my opinion.

Overall, this is a really good split put out by five labels who know what they're doing. Spain right now seems to be in a similar position to the UK, having a small but good quality scene with a few bands putting out some really cool emo of different descriptions.

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